List of products by brand AIRO

From local manufacture to international competence

his very day the business is still family owned and successfully directed by the founder's daughter Monika Maiburg. Our longlasting tradition of effective and flexible partnership to our customers has been the focus of our business activities up to this date.

In short: Quality and knowhow from Langenfeld - a quality connotation worldwide.


2-component polyester systems

Based upon our roots, our chore competence lies in the production of putties on the base of unsaturated polyester resins covering a wide variety of applications starting from auto repair up to works with stone and marble.

2-component epoxy systems

As a result from the transfer of know how gained from our polyester systems and continuous advancement of our products we apply the same high quality standards to our epoxy systems. In this respect we focuse on products which are specifically suitable for the boat and ship building sector.

2-component acrylic systems

In the beginning of the 80ies the demand of our customers for entire repair systems consisting of complementary component systems prompted us to add acrylic products to our portfolio. Since then we emphasized on Medium Solid and High Solid clearcoats, primers and various fillers as another focal point of our business activities.

As early as in the year 2000 we introduced the new generation of clearcoats and already implemented with our new VOC compatible clearcoat "Airo Acryl-Klarlack ULTRA PLUS VOC 420" the strict requirements of the previous EU guideline 1999 / 13 / EG which was put into German legislation more than one year later on 25th August 2001.

When this guideline took effect on 31st October 2007 our new systems VOC clearcoat and our scratch-resistant MS special clearcoat had already replaced the previous generation of clearcoats.


  • Polyester putties for professional use
  • Polyester putties for Do-it-Yourself application
  • Stone and marble putties
  • Epoxy systems for professional boat and ship building
  • Complementary special products

Whether utilized in the auto repair business, boat and ship building sector, stone and marble or another application, our products are exclusively developed and designed to suit the special requirements of specified individual applications.


Customers all over the world are placing trust in our products which are meeting the growing expectations on quality and appliance by our continuous product advancement.

Today not only in Germany alone airo products have become a well established notion. Our export share today contributes to more than 60% of our production and extends far beyond the European Union.

Production facilities

Competent and well-trained employees contribute to the success of airo Chemie on an area as large as 12.000 m2. To ensure customer satisfaction and continuous high standard of our products we are actively upgrading professional skills of our personnel by regular trainings.

Our inhouse research and development guarantee a steady advancement of our high quality standards and innovations within our chore business.


In 1997 airo Chemie was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. In 2004, DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 followed and in 2008 DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

In 1997 airo Chemie was certified
according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
In 2004, DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
followed and in 2008 DIN EN ISO